DIY: Teacher Appreciation Week Ideas

It is that time of the school year where we can take our time to celebrate all those wonderful educators out there.   If your an educator, Thank you for all you do!
Having worked in the classroom for many years, I know what passion and hard work it takes to help teach our little ones become successful adults.  And I am most grateful for those teacher that are passionate for what they do.  Once again, Thank You!

That being said, here are some simple yet thoughtful ideas to gift that special teacher this week:

My kid's current school celebrates their teachers the entire week.  For Monday they asked to either color and apple print they sent home and/or send an apple to their teacher(s).  Why not make that apple extra special by tying it around with a bit of twine and a little lovely leaf note thanking them?  Nice and simple, yet very cute.


In the past I've made these decorated coffee cups which hide a gift card to the teacher's favorite coffee shop. (To see how click on photo.) 


Or these super easy to make note pads.  (To see how click on photo.)

DIY Tissue Flowers Craft

How about a lovely tissue flower or more?  (Too see how click here or on photo.)

 DIY Easter or Spring Centerpiece

If you have the time to add a bit more elbow grease making a thank you gift, make this adorable plant/flower pot using a recycled tin can.  (To see how click here or on photo.)

 However you decide to make them feel special, I'm sure they will very much appreciate it.

Have a great week!



Simply Happiness


The month of change.  Of resolution making, goal planning, and organizing.  

Yes, that sounds just about right.  Don't you agree?  

Yet, this year with all the moving about, with this transitional stage we're in;  I have shun away from list making, from major goal making, from planning and resolution making.  All I have focused on is on one simple word.  A simple yet meaningful word:  

Yes,  happiness.  

This year I will simply strive to do everything and anything that makes me and those I love happy.  From my morning cup of chai tea, to slowing down by stepping outdoors tipping my head up and letting the warm sun rays feel my face with joy.  Simple, lovely, wonderful, things, that make me happy.

What about you?  What are you striving for this year? 


A Beautiful Christmas Video for You

Hi! How was your Christmas?  I hope it was everything you wanted.  We had a beautiful time spent with my side of the family.  A wonderful beautiful time. Christmas has always been my favorite holiday, and no it has nothing to do with the presents, it is because of this:

A beautiful video that was sent to me via MOPS a group I have been a part of for several years, and although I am no longer an active member, I still get their inspiring news letters.   

Gather your little ones and watch... I truly believe you will enjoy it.

Merry Christmas!